Scott Pruett Takes 'Garage Winery' to New Heights
November 2017  by Debbie Arrington
Inside what used to be his garage in Auburn, legendary race car driver Scott Pruett opened a giant plastic bin full of fermenting grapes and took a deep breath. "Smell that?" he said. "...that's our Sierra Foothills dirt coming through. That's our unique bouquet, what makes our wine so special."   More...
Rear View: Scott Pruett's Biggest Investment
April 2017  by Robin Miller, Racer.com
It was equal parts ballsy and crazy and probably couldn't happen today, but it led to a successful 10-year career in IndyCar. In 1988, Scott Pruett was 28 years old and at a crossroads in his racing life. A world class go-karter, he'd captured the 1987 Trans Am title but wanted to be in open wheel...   More...
America's Sports Car Kings
May 2016 by Marshall Pruett   Racer.com
What attributes and achievements should be used to distill the six greatest American sports car drivers from dozens of plausible candidates? Is it the number of wins? Quality of competition? Quantity of big victories? How many championships they earned? Career longevity?   More...